What We Do

We perform many of the functions of your financial advisor/broker, but for your cryptocurrency assets.

If you’re like most people that own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you have a financial advisor/broker.  Your advisor serves as your gateway to the market.  They set up your account.  Educate you about your investment options.  Invest your funds.  Alert you to opportunities and threats in the market.

So, Why Not Ask Your Financial Advisor to Buy You Bitcoin?!

Haha, try it, I dare you!

Unless you have an independent (and rather progressive) advisor, you’ll likely get a lecture about...

"Cryptocurrency is very risky..."

"Its extreme volatility..."

"Its not backed by anything real..."

And, finally, some comment involving the word “foolish” in relation to people that invest in cryptocurrency.


Please allow me to translate the aforementioned lecture by your advisor:

“I don’t really know much about cryptocurrency.  I have read some headlines here and there, but otherwise I’ve done no research, nor have I had any experience with cryptocurrency.  Since cryptocurrency demonstrates regular, triple-digit annualized gains, I have to assume that it’s risk level is similarly multiples greater than that of the stock market.  Furthermore, the few times that I’ve noted major price movements in Bitcoin, I’ve surmised that it’s widely volatile.  Although, I’ve not performed a thorough analysis of my own to arrive at that conclusion.  Finally, ‘The Firm’ (that controls what I can and cannot say) has prohibited me from even discussing cryptocurrency with you.  All I can do is advise you that it's ‘extremely risky’ because I know hardly anything about it.  But, if I’m being completely honest, I lie awake at night concerned that I’m going to lose business to clients removing funds to take part in the crypto markets.  So, my only real option is to scare you into submission.”

Ok, So, Now What?!

You still have a desire to explore cryptocurrency, but it’s clear your financial advisor is NOT going to help you.


Once again, you can try Googling…  You’ll find one of several things.  Either horror stories of crypto investors that have millions of dollars in Bitcoin, but lost their “keys,” articles about how dangerous cryptocurrency is, feeble attempts by uneducated authors for major “news authorities” trying to describe what Bitcoin is, or a handful of ads for exchanges that you can use to purchase Bitcoin. The problem is, you’re still nowhere closer to where you want to be.  All you need is SOMEBODY that knows what they’re talking about to explain what cryptocurrency is and what it isn’t, and how to access it safely.

Let’s Review...

Financial Advisor:  No help.

Google:  No help.

So, now what?!

THIS… Is What WE Do!

As your highly educated, experienced, and “red-pilled” crypto advisors, we see things quite differently than either your financial advisor or Google...

First, there is no “Firm” telling us what we can and cannot share with you.

Second, we are NOT on commission, so we have no financial incentive to refer you to one crypto asset over another.

Third, we have done our research, so we do understand where the risk lies, along with strategies on how to mitigate, or even eliminate, some of the risks.

Fourth, we don’t get paid by generating sensational, clickbait, headlines solely for getting clicks.


We inform you about the market, asset classes, and assets that exist in the crypto world.

We guide you on how to properly, safely, and securely set up the exchanges and wallets that are right for you.

We walk you through the trading process and ensure you’re comfortable with every aspect.

We help you double-check the security of your accounts.

We minimize your trading fees.

We help you understand, strategize, and thus minimize your tax impact.

We help you prepare a legacy plan for your cryptocurrency that will benefit your survivors.

You Don't Have to Go-It Alone

Finally, we provide a community of like-minded people that are looking to learn more, stay abreast of the market, and enjoy comradery around cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can be a dark, lonely space.  OR, you can join us and find an environment that is full of high-quality information, sound guidance, and a welcoming and enjoyable community.


Now that you know what we do, find out If Concierge Cryptocurrency Is for You.

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