The Single, Most-Costly Crypto Mistake


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About Concierge Cryptocurrency

Who We Are

Concierge Cryptocurrency was founded by Brian Winter, MEd, NBCT to serve all crypto investors, from the “brand-new,” wanting to get started, to the experienced investor seeking advisory services. We offer education and guidance in everything crypto: getting started, financial advisory, tax consultation, & more.

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What We Do

We help our clients excel in cryptocurrency, while mitigating risks and ensuring security. Too many inexperienced investors accept unnecessary risks due to ignorance. We’re here to guide and educate the beginner investor, while helping the advanced investor benefit from trusted guidance by those that eat, breathe and live crypto.

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Is Concierge For Me?

Have you seen the “writing on the wall” that crypto is NOT going away? Are you interested in crypto, but want to invest safely with the guidance of a professional? Are you looking for an experienced, trusted voice in the crypto world? Do you want to work with a registered financial advisor, CPA, and crypto expert?

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